Linn - Selekt DSM Classic Hub

Linn - Selekt DSM Classic Hub

Linn - Selekt DSM Classic Hub

  • Brand:LINN
  • Product Code:Selekt DSM Classic Hub with Organik DAC and Utopik Power Supply
  • Availability:Pre-Order
  • $14,938.00

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The breadth of possibility within the Selekt DSM ecosystem is vast. Start with your choice of chassis – either Classic Hub, or the deluxe and higher-performance Edition Hub. Then select your desired DAC performance level – whether Standard, upgraded to Katalyst, or the peak performance of Organik – before considering how your Selekt DSM will be tailored to your own specific application.

Whether you’re working your way towards the separates system of your dreams with Selekt DSM as source-only, the highest-performance all-in-one box product available with on-board amps, the heart of your home entertainment in partnership with your TV, or you seek a fully integrated 5.1 Surround Sound receiver; whether your wish is to bi-amp, tri-amp, or even go Exakt with your loudspeakers from a single, luxurious, silver-anodised or black box – Selekt DSM accomplishes all with alacrity.

Selekt DSM is the most configurable digital music player ever. It’s a fully customisable and future-proof product ecosystem for hi-fi enthusiasts; a unique, high-performance offering unlike anything else on the market. Make it your own…

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