AVM Preamplifier - PA 30.3

AVM Preamplifier - PA 30.3

AVM Preamplifier - PA 30.3

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Like all components from the AVM 30.3 series, the PA 30.3 also refers to a legendary predecessor, the AVM V2. This preamplifier from the early 1990s provided the template for its modern descendant. Further borrowings from the current PA 30.3 also come from the larger preamplifier sister models of the AVM EVOLUTION series. Essential features such as the high-quality phono part were imported from here. Contemporary features such as the digital inputs and Bluetooth 4.2 with high resolution complement the wide range of equipment of the PA 30.3. The modern DA converter structure of the larger AVM preamps has also been adopted in the circuit design. These innovations are made possible by the use of the most modern electronic components available today. All in all, AVM created a new and ultra-modern preamplifier that plays at the highest level in terms of sound and offers the complete panel of the most modern connection options.

All functions of the PA 30.3 can be operated easily and intuitively – at the same time, extensive setting options are available (input sensitivity, tone control, home theater loops, etc.). The perfectly processed housing made of painted sheet steel provides the stable base to safely carry the sensitive amplifier electronics and to protect the sensitive phono stage from unwanted microphonic interferences. The design of the brushed aluminum front borrows from the current devices of the EVOLUTION series as well as from its predecessor the V2. Standard housing versions are silver and black. The massive and elegant RC 3 aluminum remote control is included in the scope of delivery.

The AVM 30.3 series continues the AVM 30 anniversary series that was launched in late summer 2016 and was then strictly limited. Like all audiophile masterpieces from AVM, the PA 30.3 was completely developed in the AVM R&D center in Malsch in order to transfer the latest circuit designs of the award-winning components from the EVOLUTION series into the AVM 30.3 series. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all production steps and a break-in period of several days for each individual device secure the AVM promise of maximum reliability in the long term.

  • 1 XLR input, 5 line inputs (RCA)
  • Low impedance XLR and RCA Class-A outputs
  • Additional subwoofer output
  • MM and MC phono input, adapter plugs included
  • Digital inputs: SPDIF optical and coaxial, USB without driver
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Tone control (can be by-passed)
  • Extensive menu functions (input sensitivity, home theater loop and much more)
  • Remote control RC 3 is included
  • Environmentally friendly standby power < 1 W
  • Available finishes: silver or black

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