Triangle Bookshelf Speakers - Comète EZ

Triangle Bookshelf Speakers - Comète EZ

Triangle Bookshelf Speakers - Comète EZ

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The Comete is one of the most famous and appreciated Triangle speakers in the Hi-Fi industry and the latest Ez Generation justifies this reputation. The Comete Ez is renowned for its incredible performance throughout the lower frequencies. Its 16cm (6,5 inch), 100% natural paper cone mid-woofer provides a wide sound stage and powerful basses. The high frequencies are reproduced by Triangle’s famous horn loaded, giving a lot of efficiency and dynamism to the speaker.

This loudspeaker provides a similar listening experience to a floorstander without taking up the space. Using a dedicated speaker stand (ex: S02) is recommended for optimum sound quality.

The Comète Ez is the perfect speaker for those looking at a high-performance speaker with powerful and a reasonable footprint. It is ideally suited for rooms with a surface between 15 and 30m2.

Available in Walnut, Black Ash, Black High Gloss or White High Gloss Finish..

Technical Specifications

Type: 2‑way, two‑driver stand‑mount monitor with front‑ported bass reflex enclosure.

Driver complement: One horn loaded titanium tweeter, one 150mm natural cellulose mid‑bass driver.

Frequency response: 49Hz – 22kHz

Crossover frequency: not specified

Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m

Dimensions (H×W×D): 400 × 200 × 324mm

Weight: 9.3kg/each

Finishes: Black, Walnut, High‑Gloss Black, High‑Gloss White.

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