About Us

About Us

Star Electronics has over 40 years of experience with residential and commercial electronics systems including everything from audio/video products, custom home theaters, computer networks, home automation, media servers, and stereo HiFi systems.

Our experience gives us the ideal background and makes us uniquely qualified to work with today's emerging technologies. Those sentiments have been echoed by many industry magazines and by several elite manufacturers.

Competitive Pricing

Star Electronics is part of one of premium buying groups in North America. It has the largest retailer group block of consumer electronics sales in the industry. This connection affords us the same buying power or better than any of the largest electronics retailers in the nation. That means competitive pricing on all of the top electronics for our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission at Star Electronics is to provide our clients with the best possible value in audio/video components. Not only do we strive to achieve this with your standard TV or Home Theatre receiver but also with turn key media, automation, network systems through innovative design, efficient installation, and consistently superior customer service.