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Are you looking to buy a new TV, but not sure what should be the size of your new TV? The details we will be sharing here will help you take the right decision and select a TV of right size.

Tips on Selecting a TV of Right Size

Viewing Distance

Selecting viewing distance is important since if you sit closer than ideal distance then it will result in eye strain. You can use the following simple formula for calculating the distance.

Viewing Distance/2 = Ideal Size of TV

For instance, if you normally sit at a distance of ten feet 120 inches from television, then the calculation comes to – 120 / 2 = 60inches. Thus, the diagonal measurement of your screen should be sixty inches.

Good View

If you want to make sure that everyone in the room gets a good view then you need to follow the below mentioned points.

  • If it is a crowded room and you sit at a distance of 6 feet from television then screen size should be at least forty inches.
  • In case you sit at a distance of 7.5 feet from the TV, then a fifty inch screen will be good for your room.
  • A sixty inch screen will be right if you sit at a distance of nine feet from TV.
  • Ideal distance tends to vary based upon whether it is a TV on a stand or it is mounted. If the TV is mounted, you will have some more space to utilize.

Viewing Angles

Ideally, the TV should be placed in such a way it remains parallel to the eye. In addition, there should not be an up/down angle, which is more than 15 degrees. Similarly, the left/right angle should not exceed 40 degrees.

Viewing angle is important since if you are sitting at a sharp angle, then the picture would appear to be distorted.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution gains more importance with increase in screen size. For example, if it is  UHD TV of forty inch or smaller size, then screen resolution of 720p will be good for it. But, if it is a fifty inch or larger size screen then a higher resolution will be necessary, such as 1080p.

Full HD resolution of 1080p consists of 1920x1080 pixels and provides good picture quality. However, 4K resolution is even better and offers sharper as well as clearer pictures with 3840x2160 pixel resolution.

But, 8K UHD (with 7680x4320 pixel resolution) is considered to be the very best in terms of picture quality. In addition, they have excellent upscaling capabilities to augment quality of inferior quality images and turn them into 8k resolution images.

Setup of the Room

Large sized TVs take up a lot of space and you cannot miss them when you enter the room. Depending upon design, decor, set up, and aesthetic appeal of your room, you may not want that to happen.

A better option will be a smaller TV since it will not be dominating or overwhelming the room. However, if the room is specially dedicated for TV viewing, then a TV of large size will be appropriate for such room. 

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