Belles Aria Preamplifier - Aria Preamplifier

Belles Aria Preamplifier - Aria Preamplifier

Belles Aria Preamplifier - Aria Preamplifier

  • Brand:Belles
  • Product Code:Aria Solid State Preamplifier
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This Belles Aria is a solid-state preamplifier. 

The Aria preamplifier delivers a pure analog experience in one understated yet elegant enclosure. All the functional components necessary to its superlative performance: phono, line and headphone stages, are in straight-line proximity to one another. 

Part of a natural evolution of the Aria family, this preamplifier shares its topology with the critically acclaimed Aria Integrated Amplifier. The base chassis and preamplifier circuitry are the same. It’s the perfect companion to the new Belles Aria Monoblock Power Amplifier.

The design is truly state of the art. 

Belles products are well known for their use of carefully selected, high- grade components. This applies to every stage of the signal path, as well as mechanical hardware. Phono, headphone and preamplifier stages all use Burr-Brown amplifiers which are known in pro circles for their ultra-low distortion characteristics. 

The integrated moving magnet phono stage is a revelation. In fact it’s so good you won’t even consider an outboard phono preamp.

  • Moving magnet phono stage using Burr-Brown amplifiers for ultra-low distortion. Precision resistor and polypropylene capacitor equalization network results in an accurate RIAA curve

  • Inputs: 1 moving magnet phono; 3 line

  • LED indicators for input, monitor and mute

    Manual and remote controlled Alps volume potentiometer

    Black or silver machined aluminum front panels

Preamp line stage is powered by a Burr Brown OPA551 pro amplifier, capable of driving up to 200mA of current and operate up to ±30 volts of power. The result is low distortion, wide bandwidth and effortless headphone amplification

Mute control
Remote control included
Headphone jack & preamp outputs

Premium, machined, gold-plated RCA connectors 


Line Section

Functions etc.

Frequency Response Distortion


1.5 to 250,000 Hz ± 3dB IM and THD < 0.001%
3 voltage, 9.54dB


Unbalanced stereo inputs Unbalanced stereo outputs

Pushbutton & Remote Controls

Power Rating Dimensions (WxHxD)

Shipping Weight Warranty

3 line; 1 phono moving magnet; 1 bypass and 1 monitor

1 monitor, 1 preamplifier and 1 headphone

Power; Mute; Inputs (1, 2, 3, Phono); Mon (monitor/bypass); Volume

120VAC, 0.5A or 200-240VAC, 0.5A (SB fuse)

16.5 x 3.125 x 14” / 419 x 79 x 356mm (excluding jacks and controls)

14lb / 6.4 kg 5 years

Designed and built in Pittsford, New York USA

Headphone Section Power: 600 milliwatts into 30Ω peak

Moving Magnet Phone Section

Frequency Response Gain

20 to 20,000 Hz ± 0.05dB 33dB @ 1kHz
< 0.0001%

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