LINN Majik LP12

LINN Majik LP12

LINN Majik LP12

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The Majik LP12 provides the ideal first step on your vinyl journey. Using carefully selected components, Majik LP12 lets you experience the iconic LP12’s performance in an affordable package. 

Majik LP12 brings together Linn’s latest sandwich-construction aluminium sub-chassis, patented single point bearing, and internal low noise power supply. Linn teamed up with Pro-Ject to supply the carbon tonearm and Linn’s Adikt moving magnet cartridge completes the deck.

The Majik LP12 comprises:

As with every LP12, it is available with a choice of solid wood plinths: Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut and Walnut.

The LP12’s modular construction allows you to upgrade it easily in the future, to Akurate or Klimax specification.

Partner the Majik LP12 with the built-in phono stage in Majik DSM or 
Majik I, or connect it to a Linn Uphorik dedicated external phono stage for best performance.


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