Unison Research CD Player - Unico CD Primo

Unison Research CD Player - Unico CD Primo

Unison Research CD Player - Unico CD Primo

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Those who already know the Unico series will immediately notice the new chassis and the new aluminium cover that will be available in natural satin
aluminium or black anodized finish according to the current aesthetic trends.This new look has been chosen to give our products a new appealing style and also to make them more suitable to be integrated in hi-fi systems which can include components from other brands.
At the same time, we are aware of how recognizable and appreciated is the “Unico-style” all over the world and we believe in the importance to preserve the identity of our products maintaining some winning elements and distinctive details like the sandblasted aluminium and the general layout of the front panel.
Also in this new series, the front panels will be treated with sandblasting and anodizing processes. The sandblasting consists in hammering the aluminium plate with microscopic ceramic balls at room temperature: it gives the surface a homogeneous and opaque finishing. The successive anodizing allows the growth of a thin film of aluminium oxide which enhance the mechanical resistance and hardness of the surface.
The user interface adopts a wide 128×64 LCD display which dynamically shows useful information on the reproduction status in a clear and intuitive way. Together with the automatic brightness adjustment, in the UnicoCD Primo the possibility to switch off the display backlight LEDs from the remote handset has been added, so to make the presence of the CD player even more discreet during the listening sessions.
All the player functions can be accessed through only four buttons located in the front panel or from the remote control. Thanks to the new software release operation is now faster and more comfortable.

Concerning the technical improvements, let us begin mentioning the new toroidal power supply transformer: the power it can transfer, 100VA, is large enough for a small integrated amplifier and allows future upgrade of the audio stage.
Considering now the printed circuit board in detail, the old single motherboard is now slip into two separated boards: one dedicated to the power supply and digital signals circuits, the other one to the output stage circuit.
The power supply structure follows closely that successfully used in other models: it includes eight voltage regulators mounted on independent heat sinks and ensure excellent control of the voltage levels, good efficiency and reliability.
All the functions of the CD player are managed by a microcontroller and by several other interface integrated circuits which coordinate the data exchange between the CD drive, the LCD display, the front panel, the IR receiver and the DAC.
The analogue to digital conversion of the S/PDIF signal has been completely re-designed using the best components available. It
includes a Wolfson Micro WM8804 digital receiver which controls the incoming data and reduces the jitter, a sample rate conversion stage to 96kHz
performed by a BurrBrown SRC4192 (this DIR+SRC stage can be found in much more expensive units) and a D/A conversion stage (Wolfson MicroWM 852424-bit DAC). In order to predispose the UnicoCD Primo to future upgrade of the conversion circuit, the motherboard has a special socket where different DAC boards can be inserted; as a part of a more complex and overlooking design UnicoCD Primo is compatible with all the DAC board designed also for the higherlevel player UnicoCDE.
Moreover, the will to design a device as versatile as possible has leaded also to the construction of the separate board for the output stage, giving the opportunity for future replacement with new circuits.
The current audio stage is designed around a single 12AU7/ECC82 double triode operating in pure class A, that characterizes the sonic performance of
the unit, followed by a discrete solid state buffer, operating in A class too, for a low impedance output and ideal audio behaviour.
The possibility of upgrading both DAC and audio stage ensures the UnicoCD Primo never to get old.
But what makes the UnicoCD Primo a new CDplayer is a digital USB input. With the feet firmly on the tradition but glancing at the future Unison Research developed a player with a higher integrability but with great sonic quality.
The USB digital input is designed to be connected with any streaming device such as PC or laptop and accepts isochronous audio data. An auto
recognizing IC perform a pure conversion od data to standard S/ PDIF format feeding the DAC circuit. The audio information suffers no manipulation and is handled by internal hi-fi conversion circuits thus offering a very high quality listening experience.
The same care dedicated to the audio amplification circuit design has also been reserved to the control and safety systems of the UnicoCD Primo.
The remote controller body, one solid wood block with a satin aluminium cover, ensure the best comfort of use and a pleasant look.
The package, thanks to the cloth case, the stratocell elements and the double external carton, ensures an excellent protection to the device during shipping.
Every Unison Research product is the sum of our long experience in designing and producing top quality high fidelity audio devices plus our passion and our commitment to offer to the music lovers a chance to live beautiful moments.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Transport: TEAC CD5010A
    • Digital interface: Wolfson Micro WM8804
    • Sample Rate Converter: Burr Brown SRC4192
    • Convertiter D/A: Wolfson Micro WM8524
    • Sampling: 24bit / 96kHz
    • Digital Standard: AES3, IEC60958 (S/PDIF) e EIAJ CP-1201
    • Digital input (Ext): Isochronous-Out 16bit / 32-48kHz (USB-B)
    • Digital output: 44.1kHz
    • Output stage: solid state, Class A
    • Outputs: 1 RCA
    • Gain: Triode Class-A
    • Valve: 1 x ECC82 (12AU7)
    • Power conumption: 100W max
    • Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 9.5 cm
    • Net weight: 10 kg
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